Social Media is no longer an optional extra for any business now. Running social media profiles may seem simple and not worth the expense of paying someone to do it, but by getting a great social media manager you might find that the results far exceed expectations.

That is exactly what Quick Silver Social Media does. We take the ordinary and make it something special.

I am passionate about social media and also about you and your business. Collaborating with you to bring your companies social media channels to life, it can help you find new customers, engage with existing customers and get your brand noticed not just in your neighborhood or city, but the country and beyond, with social media there is no limit.

Finding out the best method of getting your message out there is what my job’s really about. I look at your past social media interactions, your competitors and then come up with the plan of attack to consistently raise your profile and get you more customers and engagement.


A little bit about me

My name is Patrick Jones and I’m the Director of Quick Silver Analytics. I’m a keen cyclist and enjoy cooking, opera and writing about one of my favorite passions WINE! Please feel free to check out my blog Mind on the Vine.

I have studied at E.A.I.F.H.E. and worked as a social media analyst for CA Technologies. Other employers include Cisco, Symantec, and BSkyB. Feel free to get in touch.

Paddy combines the talents of being analytically minded and creative to provide the best solution to our customers. Paddy is an asset to the company and will go very far in his analytic and social media career. Would highly recommend.

Peter Doak

Owner at Peter Doak Global